between God’s wisdom and human intelligences

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free” Luke 4:18

We never knew how poor we were until we are accounted for what’s been lost. We never knew we’ve been held captive because we’ve forgotten or had been ignorant of the freedom we should had. We can be blind as being prevented to see the truth. The moment we felt the desire for relive we discovered the misery of being oppressed.

Question – can a person live without God? Or rather will a person choose to live apart from the provision and protection of God?

We grew up our own world being educated, taught and encouraged to be “independent”, so we are left to choose our own ways, fend for ourselves and be in self-governance. In a subconscious manner we tried to do things without God, although there are people who wilfully choose to go ahead in life without God.

Consider from the earliest records of human existences and communities living – see how far we have advanced in science, technology, medicines and social order for the sake of survival. The irony of human civilization is that we have done so much with all good intentions to preserve and build a better future, and somewhere along the line we lost sight of the fact that we had become inevitably bonded to and dependent on our own human creations.

In simple plain fact, we became slave to our own ideas and inventions. How much more of our own human intelligences can save us from our own mistakes?

As part of the human race we become dependent on our own inventions and intelligence, and we have yet to reach the point of satisfaction and chances are we never will. Which is why R & D will never end.

One of those renowned and funny enquiries which had been raised among top universities for years – why are these research fellows getting millions dollar fundings to “research” some kind of research which end of the day only they themselves knew about? Especially in the field of socio-politic, for donkey years, research papers done by top professors have been unfathomable – really beyond understanding.

We need to keep going back to the drawing board and ask ourselves what should have been the best options for us – to continue our existence apart from God or do it our ways till Jesus Christ actually returns again.

Before we even go further we need to ask where about we are heading actually. As an individual and as a society, where are we heading? Are we still in control of our future? Or do we refuse to acknowledge we have lost the plot to rule apart from God? Every step forward by our own strength and intelligence we need to calculate if the cost and sacrifices amount to expected quality returns.

Deep in our hearts we knew we are stretched beyond our own limits and capacities. At this point, it is a cross road of decision, do we want to walk alone or continue with God?

The salvation plan of Jesus Christ is for us to choose if we want to open the doors of our heart, and let Jesus show us His destiny for us. By doing so, we are basically handling over the leadership role of our live unto Jesus. If you can believe Jesus is the better options to live a better life.

What we can accept as our vision for tomorrow will shape our destiny today. We are always building something for our future and for the next generations. What we see of the future goes into decision making today.

Life is all about choices and decision. It’s either we continue our independence and self-rule, or choose Jesus as the leader and shepherd of our life and destiny. To make good choices and decision is as inevitable as having a good sense of direction. Now to go somewhere, would you not agree it is just as important to first know where we are, before we can set the right course? Perhaps this is something which has been easily over-looked due to the fact that people do have the habit of taking things for granted. We thought we knew where we are all along?

In choosing the decision to believe and trust Jesus Christ, we are taking the step of faith to see things from God’s perspective. To do that is to accept the fact that we are lost in our own structured world and we needed the guiding hands of God to lead us. In believing Jesus Christ, and continuing to walk in faith, we trust Him to give us a real sense of destiny.

To believe in Jesus and accept the message of God is to entrust our life destiny in God instead of deciding our own future.

Now how difficult can that be? It is as difficult and as embarrassing as acknowledging your own fault and saying sorry for what you have done wrong. For some have maintained a policy – NEVER ADMIT YOUR FAULT! The same will never acknowledge and confess themselves as “sinners”. If we do not acknowledge our sins before God we shall never receive the forgiveness and acceptance of God.

God will not help those who do not need Him.

For a long time since the days Adam and Eve was ousted from Eden, mankind have been in disagreement with God. Man’s inabilities to receive the message of God are so deeply rooted in our rejections of God’s point of view that we are sinners. Like the Israelites going round and round the wilderness when they rejected God – human civilizations of our own efforts leads to nowhere fruitful and substantial.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached round the world and the message is as clear and straightforward as it is – will man acknowledge his/her sins against God and turn back to God. To follow Jesus is to walk with God and to walk with God is to live in agreement with the truth of God’s word.

God is waiting for people to repent but God will not wait forever. Can we accept the “good news” of the Gospel? can we accept the fact we’ve been “held captive” and “oppressed”? can we accept the fact we’ve been “blind” to the truth of God’s message?

Can we receive the fact Jesus Christ is here to set us free?


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