will you listen? a lesson from Hong Kong and China

The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of those who are taught,
that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary.
Morning by morning he awakens; he awakens my ear to hear as
those who are taught. (Isaiah 50:4)

Jesus often confines himself to solitude prayers and what’s been written in Isaiah most likely described what Jesus did. Jesus was opening His ears to listen to what the Father has to say to Him.

It’s a lifestyle of obedience and it’s been taught as an example for us to follow. Till today the Spirit of God is searching for willing hearts and open ears.

Will we listen to God?

In our times and era, we can boast of our own human achievement in medicine, science and technologies – but we are confronted with tonnes of social problems every day and everywhere which we cannot solves by ourselves.

We can go round the world and ask to every government office which area of their work are most troublesome to handle and not only difficult to resolve but is getting bigger – social issues.

Things related to human affairs and demands, especially on a collective scale are complicated, delicate and sensitive to resolve. As long as our human will is not subjected to God, people will always choose their own human desires. We want what we want but unaware of the fact we ourselves have limited knowledge and understanding of our own consequences

Human desires apart from and without the will of God is clouded in darkness and selfish gains, never satisfied.

Using China as an example since for now this country have got the largest pool of human populations registered under one nation. For all the heavy handed controls, censorship and internet filtering, it is obvious the one thing China is most afraid of – social unrest on a massive scale. From the Tiananmen Incident of 1976 to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, all the way to the 2008 Tibetan unrest and the ongoing tensions between Uighurs and Communist China – China have been using brute force to suppress the people but year after year situations gets bigger and bigger.

Violence begets violence, hatred breeds more contempt. Oppressive policy enrages the masses. 

For now Hong Kong have become the biggest headache for Beijing.

Hong Kong used to be the pride of Asia in terms of democracy and business exchange between East and West. Since Beijing took over control of Hong Kong from the British, the entire social, economic and political outlook have turned backward. Instead of progressing toward more freedom and higher learning, the people were enforced to adopt the backward brutish ideology of Mao’s communism.

Communist ideology from the era and leadership of Mao had no sense of grace, no sense of forgiveness and no place for God and godly ideas. The Cultural Revolution itself sealed their her intellectual downfall, destroying her own rich history. It is no surprise China is now so notorious for copy rights infringements trying to “imitate” an identity for themselves.

With regards to the Gospel message, Communist China did all she could to kick Jesus out of the land. Can they do it? Interestingly the people in the land who tasted the goodness of God – they wanted more of Jesus!

There goes the drama – while Communist China indoctrinated  herself “anything is possible” even in trying to kick Jesus out, unaware her own people are in fact trying to kick communism out of China. So end of the day let’s see who gets kicked out of China!

The irony of human life is – when human authority exert extra excessive enforcement to suppress, the more people preferred to rebel. Human problems need to be addressed through open hearts and willingness to listen to God.

This is perhaps one of the key reasons true Christianity under the leadership of Jesus Christ is ever-growing and attracting more people. People are given the choice to think and decide for themselves what they really want. People are given the real freedom of choice to decide for themselves if they want to follow Jesus. With such an arrangement, people learn to use their own intellect, learn to grow in their knowledge and develop deeper understanding.

Dictatorship with brute force destroys the path to wisdom and understanding. Communism of aggressive and excessive atheist agenda and brutal leadership has proven to be the world’s number one cause for “brain drain” in any country. Is it not true more and more intellectual and capable personalities are leaving China for good?

God in His long-suffering and patients have given us the freedom of choice to choose if we would prefer to listen to Him. Jesus had come in the flesh, demonstrating a lifestyle of obedience unto the Father in a willing manner.

We cannot enforce God to make us wise; neither will God enforce submission from us.

In Christ Jesus we are invited and we are given the option to exercise our will in obedient to God. God being pleased with our pure act of will and love for His truth welcomes us into His fellowship.

For those of us who choose to follow Jesus, we are given the extra grace to learn and understand the will of God in depth. We are invited into deeper fellowship and friendship with God. This is where we find real peace and harmony.

Communist China relentlessly promoted herself as a peaceful nation – she never was and she never will be. People are creatures of habits – what Communist China did to suppress truth she will continues to do so.

If we want what is true and right, it’s best to align our thoughts and desire in line with the ways of God –

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105)

In our world of darkness we have the word of God to lighten our path and for now we know the word of God refers to Jesus Christ. In our everyday life we needed directions, and we needed it more than ever.

Our world has gone even more complicated and darker. We are lost in our own world. Before we lost ourselves further, let’s pause and seek directions from God. Let’s turn away from the world’s concept of false peace and brutality – let’s pursue true peace and harmony in God.

As Jesus listened to the Father, we are encouraged to seek the will of God through prayer and daily Bible reading. We are encouraged to walk with God on a daily basis – follow the example of Jesus.

We have the Bible, let’s read.

We are able, let’s pray.

We are willing; let’s open our hearts to God.

Let’s tune in to listen what Jesus have to say to us.



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