God’s ultimate expression of love – forgiveness and acceptance

Is there anyway love can be measured?

For the worldly minded, the meaning of love has been complicated with relation to economic and material valuations. For the worldly minded women who prioritised on romances – they envisioned love in materials possession and sensual desires. So how else do people in modern day society understand about love?

The love of God does have a clear definition – acceptance and forgiveness.

When God created Mankind, there was an expectation of good and obedience placed upon us. We know the history and we know the facts – by the time of Noah, God was grieved  by man’s sinful actions. The earth was filled with violence and bloodshed. When God judged man with The Flood, He could have wiped out humanity completely but our Father in heaven did not.

What was God thinking? 

God accepted the fact that man acted in sin and defaulted His will but yet our Father in heaven is ready to forgive. Man was created in the image of God but strayed in the path of sins and darkness. God had been grieved and disappointed, but was ready to forgive if man will turn from darkness.

If even we would open our heats and ears to God again.

The Spirit of God has been convicting hearts, and the prophets of God have spoken against the sins of Man over and over again. Our Father in heaven has been patient in expecting man to turn away from his sinful ways and return to walk with God.

Since the times Adam and Eve had been ousted from Eden, our Father in heaven has gone through years after years, centuries after centuries, millenniums after millenniums of disappointments.  Yet our Father in heaven in His patient and long suffering is waiting to forgive and accept sinner who will return to Him.

If we had stayed with God since the beginning, we would have stayed within the protection and provision of God and avoided unnecessary conflicts. Nevertheless God is waiting, for man to repent and return to Him. We should be ashamed we don’t have such patients with our own fellow humans. We’ve failed God in our expression of Godly love. Thus we have continued in our own world of strive and destructions.

And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

(Luke 23:34)

Jesus walks among the Jews who had the ordinances and oracles of God delivered to them via Moses. If there is any race who should have known the will of God at the back of their hands – the Jews. It wasn’t just a matter of rejecting Jesus but also casting away God’s offer of peace and resolution for the nation.

In rejecting Jesus they rejected the grace and forgiveness of God.

The very people who knew God rejected Jesus whereas the other people who did not officially receive the Law of Moses are turning to Jesus by the masses. The Gentiles who had no pre-conceived ideas about who this Messiah should be but were glad to received salvation from God.

God is still waiting for man to repent and return to Him. Our human world still needs to hear the Gospel. The Spirit of God is still searching the hearts of man.

How we deal with love, forgiveness and acceptance in our daily lives correlates to how we appreciate God’s grace upon us. Let’s consider what Jesus said about love and forgiveness –

“Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.”

(Luke 7:47)

What an interesting parallel of real life situations. People who are loving and caring towards others have better understanding of the grace of God and can easily accept the forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ.

The opposite is true. The religious, social and political leadership of Jesus’ time who rejected the message of salvation presented through Jesus were not identified as “caring” among the common folks. As they harden their hearts against their own people, they harden their hearts against the grace of God as well.

Whatever they themselves could not give, neither can they receive. Perhaps the best and only way to experience love and forgiveness is to give it and share it.

God was never stingy in His love and acceptance towards people.

The people who failed to receive the grace of God; they short-changed themselves in rejecting Jesus Christ. They cannot blame God for not providing with regards to what they will not share and give. As according to their own unwillingness to “accept” others whom they condemn as “sinners” – how can they receive the forgiveness and grace of God as well?

For those who are used to caring, loving and sharing – they have limit-less access to the grace of God as they continue to look to Jesus. How much do they love and accept people around them is as far as they could understand and receive the forgiveness and acceptance of God as well.

God gave Jesus in redemption for our sins. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice our Father in heaven offered so that we can be forgiven and accepted back to God.

In Jesus we see the ultimate act of love – forgiveness and acceptance.

For all the sins of mankind, for all the problems we have created for ourselves as part of the entire human race – God is ready to forgive through Jesus Christ. Question is – will we turn away from our sinful ways and walk in the light of God’s truth?

After Noah survived The Flood, man stayed back to sins and violence instead of obeying God to live in peace. But our Father in heaven is still waiting for man to repent.

In our world of darkness and bloodshed, we need to turn our eyes on Jesus. We need to remember what Jesus had done for us at the cross. We need to remember how Jesus forgave us of our sins.

Strives and destructions in our world will not end till we surrender to Jesus and walk with God. We need to understand God’s readiness to forgive and accept us is our hope and window of opportunity in returning to God. We need to embrace the love and kindness of our Father as the prodigal son did.

In the beginning God created everything; God will also put an end to all things. The good Earth which God created and we’ve damaged – God will one day make right again but who will be there to receive the blessing of God?

Those who are destined to continue beyond to eternity – those who stay together with Jesus both now and forever.

Through God’s acceptance and forgiveness we can walk with our Father in heaven through life, death and eternity. Through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross, we appreciate and receive the unconditional love of our heavenly Father in waiting for sinners to repent including ourselves.

Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.

(Psalm 32:1)

Let’s walk with Jesus.