‘Christian’ LGBT risk losing their salvation

Jesus’ appointed Apostle Paul, he warned against homosexuality –

10 the sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine, 11 in accordance with the gospel of the glory of the blessed God with which I have been entrusted (1 Timothy 1:10-11)

The Apostle Paul made it very clear homosexuality is against biblical sound doctrine, against the teaching of the Gospel, against the ways of Jesus.

In our times and generation, Paul’s teaching remains valid for the church.


9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality (1 Corinthians 6:9)

The Apostle Paul made it very clear homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God!

One of our key inheritances in the kingdom of God is eternal life with Jesus. Jesus saved us so that we can receive our inheritances in the kingdom of God. Therefore as according to the warning to Paul, those who practice homosexuality are in danger of losing their salvation, losing their inheritance in the kingdom of God.


Jesus preached repentance, for the sake of the kingdom of God. Paul warned against practice of homosexuality also because of the kingdom of God.

As true disciples of Jesus Christ we should keep our focus and priority on the kingdom of God, make sure we walk and live in agreement with what Jesus said and affirmed by His apostles.

Therefore why should any church or Christian leaders in his or her right mind embrace practicing homosexuality as part of church doctrine?


Christians who swayed to support LGBT to the extent of being in agreement with their movement and practice, is living in delusion and ignorant of obvious facts

1. Non-believers of the world who choose LGBT lifestyle, they do it with obvious reason that they do not have any concern for the kingdom of God! LGBT do not even believe in sin to start with. LGBT do not even care a damn if God exist!

This is true!


2. LGBT personalities, their main concerns are about pleasures of the flesh, sensuality, and sexual gratifications for fun. These are obvious “works of the flesh”.

This is biblical truth.


3. In the whole context of LGBT movement, there is absolutely nothing presented in all of their declarations about doing the will of God as taught and preached by Jesus and the apostles.

This is absolutely true!


4. LGBT movement has nothing, absolutely nothing of eternal value to offer.

This is definitely true.


5. LGBT movement is about using man-made legal means to stop anyone preaching holiness and the kingdom of God to them.

If you missed this point try preaching holiness and the kingdom of God to LGBT communities.


Therefore churches and Christian leaders who sympathize with LGBT to the extent of changing church doctrine to accept LGBT – outright foolishness.

For churches and denominations to even change definition of “sin” and teach as church doctrine homosexuality is not sin – they should throw themselves into the sea as Jesus recommended –

It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin. (Luke 17:2)

Two examples – Bishop Gene Robinson who became the first openly gay bishop in U.S, and Rev Dr Yap Kim Hao of Singapore who openly supported the Pink Dot campaign a movement in support of LGBT lifestyle. These are supposed to be established church leaders but their doctrine and teaching are leading Christians away from the kingdom of God.

It is sad and pathetic when Christians of high credentials should preach or teach anything against the will of God. These are stumbling blocks and offenses against people entering the kingdom of God.


LGBT people themselves knew it all along that you Christians who forsake the kingdom of God are being foolish! This is true.

Imagine yourself inheriting millions of dollars or pots of gold, would you be foolish enough to dump it down the trash bin? If we Christian are to receive an eternal inheritance in the kingdom of God, why loose it away by conforming to LGBT?

LGBT groups will enforce their lifestyle on you, knowing full well they have nothing good to offer to you, they do it to impose an explicit agreement with their sins.


Lest we forget, Jesus is the founder of our Christian faith.

Therefore with regards to family life, marriage and sex, we should listen to Jesus and not men and women who do not exercise faith and commitment towards Jesus 100%.

True Christianity is about transformed life and choosing the path to eternal life with Jesus.

True Christianity is about serving God in truth and holiness as according to the ways and teachings of Jesus and His apostles.


LGBT people have no intention to serve God, no desire for eternal life with Jesus, so leave them alone to die of their own sins and judgement.

Jesus called us to preach truth, but not to conform to their sins.

If any of these LGBT people have any real concern for the kingdom of God, any real concern for their future in eternity, they will repent as according to the teaching and warning of Jesus and His apostles.


Let it be known, let it be warned, practicing Christian who choose to conform to LGBT risk losing their salvation and their inheritance in the kingdom of God.

Be well informed, be reminded, be warned, the practice of LGBT and its propaganda have absolutely nothing to do with the kingdom of God. They do not and therefore they will not agree with biblical teaching on sin and repentance.


If any man or woman cherishes eternal life and the kingdom of God with Jesus, then we must stand firm in our true faith as according to the teaching and preaching of Jesus and His apostles.

Lest we forget, Jesus Christ is the founder of our faith in Christianity and the rightful head of the church. With regards to sex and family life we should listen to God and not foolish people who have no concern for the kingdom of God and eternal life.


In our days and generations, to be a faithful Christian we need to be careful and we need to be fearful of the danger of losing our faith and salvation through foolishness –

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7)

Lest we forget, it was because of sin that Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood to redeem us. Therefore established Christian ministers and church denominations that redefine “sin” and conform to LGBT are being outright foolish.


Consider what Jesus said –

Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

Christians, leaders and denominational head who wish to redefine “sin” and proclaim that homosexuality is not sin are leading and walking in spiritual darkness.

They have become blind guides.

If any man and woman wish to walk in the light and truth of God, we must hold on to what Jesus preached and taught against sin.