Reflections – #001

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. (2 Corinthians 10:4)


Warfare comes in various shapes and forms.

Among the most complex and frustrating are those fought within our minds.


When people go to war because we see things differently, situation becomes complicated and difficult to resolves.

How we think and live, both as an individual and as a community set us apart in our own space.

We have our differences, we have our values and the ways we’ve been brought up and educated have influenced our thinking patterns. We are living with our strongholds in our minds.


In short, people think and see things differently.

In peace time we can see and accept others “uniqueness”, but in times of conflict all diplomatic effort could not find any common grounds.

Our thinking pattern, our strongholds in our minds, can correlate to how we solve problem, in particular human relations issue.


When Jesus started His public ministry He knew he was born to be King, and He knew what power and authority He had received of God Almighty.

Jesus knew He came to deliver God’s salvation plan for mankind as a King.

But the people around Jesus who saw and witness His capacity as King had a different expectation. They expected Jesus to engage in physical warfare, defeat the Romans and give them liberation from their enemies.


People wanted their concept of a perfect solution.

People had their strongholds in minds which resisted their acceptance of Jesus’ offer.

But throughout Jesus’ public ministry, to put it in a short precise word, He had this one good solution for the people –




Jesus did that not because He was weak. No.

Did Jesus know the problems of the people? Yes.

And Jesus did not teach the people to apathetically resign to their fate. No.


Jesus’ proposal and offer of repentance was to give us a better hope and better future of eternal value.

Jesus’ proposal and offer was to help us improve our relationship with God and with fellow mankind.

Jesus’ proposal and offer was to help us resolve human conflicts.


But people had their strongholds in minds which prevent them from seeing and understanding the full goodness and blessing of God in Jesus Christ.

People had their strongholds in minds which distorted their understanding of God.

Many turned away from Jesus. Those who had expected Jesus to overthrow the Romans, but instead got a long three years full of lectures on repentance. They turned away.

For a start some of those senior Pharisees were hopeful and gave Jesus pretty wide support, till they got it into their head, that this Jesus really wanted them to repent and forget about overthrowing the Romans. They decided they cannot continue to support Jesus any more.

Even among the common folks who followed Jesus there was twice as many who rejected Him, or perhaps more. Many who came to Jesus to receive healing and food, they don’t walk with Jesus any more.


When people think and see things differently from Jesus, people turn away from Jesus.

People reject Jesus when they don’t get their human expectation of “perfect solution”.


Let’s consider this, one fine day Jesus was preaching to the masses. The message is the same for all who hear, as Jesus was speaking in public.

Among the crowds, fishers men like Peter and John, housewives, tax-collectors, craftsmen, soldiers, Jews and Gentiles, even religious leaders, and all kinds of people you find at the open market.


People had different reactions to what Jesus said.


Making choices is a test of our own views and agreement with Jesus’, and we get to fight with our own strongholds in minds.

When we start to fight with our own strongholds in minds, we know something extras we needed to help us win.

By a general rule, with more knowledge and better understanding, we can make a better informed decision, and we can fight a more decisive warfare.

Thus people, corporations and government agencies invest a lot of time and resources in getting more quality, reliable, accurate and updated information – all for the sake of making well informed choices.


The best knowledge we can attain to in our entire human history thus far, is not found in a data base. It is found in the very person of Jesus Christ.


As long as people are prevented to know Jesus, and to know Jesus better, that personal strongholds in minds which had been incorporated into our human minds through systematic environmental conditioning will continue resistance against Jesus.

That personal stronghold in minds can prevent us from attaining to a better knowledge of the love, blessing and peace of God through Jesus.


The will of God is to heal us and restore us to His blessing through Jesus.

The good will of God is to restore humanity to peace and reconciliation through Jesus Christ.


We have our differences, we have our values and the ways we’ve been brought up and educated have influenced our thinking patterns. We have been living with our strongholds in our minds. But things can change for the better.

We can fight our own winning battle in our minds, move on to better things with Jesus.


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2)


This transformation and renewal of our minds can happen through better knowledge, understanding and fellowship with Jesus.