Discipleship #013 – disciples of Jesus …

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?

a personal follower of Jesus

 The day the moment you act out what Jesus said, you are a disciple.

This is true. Problem is – we go back and forth in our commitment to Jesus.

We know discipleship require commitment and sacrifices. But before we all get stressed up with that, I want to discuss about Jesus’ requirement for being a disciple which may be different from what we learned from the world we live in.

We grow up in our world of meritocracy, achievement and results, our own human expectations and demands have distorted our evaluations of discipleship.

In truth and reality, the first and most important thing Jesus wanted us to do to be a disciple –


Fellowship with God


That’s right, fellowship with God as in having a relationship with God.

The better our relationship with Jesus, the better our fellowship with Jesus, and the closer we get to our Father in heaven.

Renewal, transformation and bearing fruits of the Spirit are in fact results of our ongoing healthy relationship with Jesus! Mean to say, if we want to live a Christ-likeness lifestyle, we give priority to developing our relationship with Jesus first and foremost.


Humanity’s greatest weakness is in our knowledge and understanding of who is the true and living God. And this weakness has made us kept our distance from our Father in heaven.

Jesus had come to show us the way back to fellowship with our Father in heaven.

Jesus sacrificed His blood and His life to redeem us from our sins and sinful way, so that we can enter into fellowship with our Father in heaven.

Jesus restores us to a fruitful meaningful life, and that can only happen through an ongoing healthy relationship with Jesus and our Father in heaven. And it is through this fellowship and relationship as a disciple of Jesus, we get to know the true living God who gives us eternal life.

Therefore the first and most important of being a disciple of Jesus –


An active ongoing relationship with Jesus

An active continuing devotion time with Jesus

An active regular prayer time with Jesus

An active consistent effort to increase our knowledge of God through Jesus


Not by our own strength but through Jesus and with Jesus.

Basic foundation truth of Christianity – personal relationship with Jesus matters, and we need to keep focus on that.

I am not asking people to become isolated and exclusive. But our personal relationship with Jesus will be reflected in how we relate to others.

Means to say how we interact with people around us can be a reflection of our inner relationship with Jesus. We are called to reflect and express the light and truth of Jesus.



David Z